Why You should Learn Stand Up Paddleboard

True watermen enjoy their sport in different ways and stand-up paddleboard happens to be the latest and fastest growing watersport today. However, it has not been without debate with some people questioning the safety of the sport. This has resulted in two categories of people, those who think the sport is fun and easy, and those who think it’s hard and risky.

The fact is, paddle boarding has attracted a lot of attention in waters all over the world. Those who have buried their fears and tried it can tell you that it is much easier than it looks. Best of all, it requires little investment in terms of time and money. If you are not yet convinced about trying the sport, the reasons below should.  For some Cool Paddleboards, Click Here!

It’s Easy to Learn

Watching people paddleboard may give you trepidation about learning the sport. The truth is, learning paddle boarding is much easier than it looks. The only thing that you need to master is how to stand up on your board, but even that doesn’t involve a lot of plunging. In most cases, it will take you a maximum of two hours training session with a professional. Your imagination will be your only limit once you master how to stand up and paddle your board confidently.

It’s One of the Most Tranquil Watersports

When most watersports are about dousing and adrenaline, stand up paddle is more about relaxation and enjoyment. This has resulted in many people combining the sport with yoga poses. It may sound a little difficult but there is no better place to enjoy serenity than on your paddleboard. Once you master paddle boarding, you can easily connect with nature with the only distraction being a few birds chirping.

It’s a Perfect Substitute Exercise

Although stand up paddle board is a low-impact activity, every stroke exercises a few muscle groups. This makes the sport a perfect form of cross training which helps you develop endurance and improve your cardiovascular health. In addition, paddle boarding regularly can help you shed a few pounds. If you, therefore, want to burn calories without necessarily hitting the gym, try paddle boarding.

It Offers Massive Amounts of Fun

Real fun starts the moment you master standing up on your board. Paddle boarding gives you a number of options to have fun depending on your mood. If you want to enjoy calmness, you can take your board to a lake where there are no waves. When you just want to feel your blood rushing through your veins, you have the option of paddle boarding in the ocean where you will have to battle with the crashing waves. In case you are not near a lake or ocean, your options are not limited since you can paddle board in the nearby river and just flow with the currents.

Although paddle boarding is considered a “new” watersport, it has some serious heritage. It is believed to have originated in Peru, thousands of years ago. Click here for the Origins Of SUP PaddleboardingHowever, the modern version was developed in Hawaii in the sixties. In addition, stand up paddle has taken its position as the world’s fastest growing sport. Learning stand up paddleboard will not only give you the above benefits, you will be on the forefront of this whole new craze.